Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Great Big Virus and the Teeny Tiny House

Story by Hannah Harder
Sculptures and photos by Hannah and Cali, age 8

Once, in this time, the people moved very fast. They were always going somewhere, in their cars, or on their planes, or by their fastest trains. They liked to be loud. They liked to be around other people. Often they went to school, or work, or parties, or parks.

Until one day, there was a virus. 
It was a sickness smaller than a smidge,
or a speckle, 
or a speck. 

It was smaller than a sprinkle.

It could stick to people and make them sick. Some people would cough very hard. Some people wore masks to help people stay well. 

Most people would get better, but some people would not. The virus stuck to people and travelled very quickly around the whole world. It spread in a GREAT BIG WAY. Soon it was in nearly every country on earth.

People stopped going to school. And then to parties. And eventually to parks. Some people couldn't see their grandmas and grandpas. Some people cried. Sometimes, it was grown ups. 

The world felt very very quiet. More quiet then it had ever been.

In this great big world there was a teeny tiny house.  

In this teeny tiny house, they needed things to do. They did things that made them happy. They got busy painting, and knitting, and reading. They made music. They started playing catch more often with their brothers and sisters.

They did things to make more beauty throughout their house.
 They brought in and brought out flowers. 

They remembered to take comfort in other creatures.

They spent more time in the kitchen. 
They drank more coffee and tea. 
They sat down and finished every cup. 

They made delicious and healthy food. 

They celebrated with cupcakes and candy. 

Once, they even made a triple decker chocolate cake with flowers and blue frosting. 

They started seeds, and made a garden. 

They made a tree house with a rope ladder and TWO swings. 

Best of all, in this house the fire never stopped going. 
The fish never floated. 
The candy never disappeared,

AND the ice cream never melted.

After awhile, the world felt a teeny tiny bit less lonely. 

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