Food shouldn't occur in an aseptic, faceless, tasteless, valueless, solitary void.  Every time we grow and eat, make peace or purpose with the bugs and weeds, or know thy farmer we are reentering the food chain. We are remembering that we are part, but only part, of the glorious inter-workings of this planet. We are humbled. We give thanks. We give back.

Likewise when we sit down at the table and invite someone to eat with us or prepare fresh food for them we are giving value to that person and to our memories. We are also valuing the resources and the creatures that were needed to create that meal. We are creating community.

Open land and small scale farmers are undervalued in this country. And in many areas the access to these farms is dwindling. But I think there are many important memories about our agrarian past and dreams and innovations for our agrarian future that need to be brought forth...

I want to hear about your food and farm epiphanies! 

For example, What food do you remember picking (or meeting) as a child that was the most amazing experience of your life? What meal changed you forever? What crazy thing did you do at a local farm? What day did your senses become inflamed? How did you bypass the waves of chemical warfare? How did you get to know a farmer? Why did you convert your yard to a farm?

Currently I am looking for submissions about:  peaches, eggs, blueberries, chickens

Here's how it works:
1) Fill out some contact information and your topical essay of (400 words or less)submission here: Click here to take survey
*Through October 5th, by submitting an essay you can be eligible to enter our Blog Launch Sweepstakes and enter to win $20 of your choice of non-perishable or shelf-stable items from the Oklahoma Food Cooperative. They have spices, mixes, seeds, canned foods, cards, totes, shirts, candles, soap, etc. If you win I will purchase the items and mail or deliver them to you.

2) Look for contact from me about what to do if you have 1-3 pictures to submit.

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