Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Spring is not cancelled!

Spring is not cancelled-- and I am indescribably grateful. That message was on the placard when I pulled up to pick up my drive-by order at a local greenhouse. And while I'm hoping to add more native plants in the very near future, today I was thankful for these bright be-speckled spots smiling at me. To be able to add some color into a world that has been gray, to be able to feel my fingers again, and give some purpose to a heart that has been grieving. I'm grieving over the loss of my mom about two months ago and for a deeply declining father. He is now trapped in a nursing home that is COVID positive. I am grieving for complexities that have spanned generations and for prayers that will go unanswered. I am drifting.

And in this sea of pandemic, I am sure that you are too. For people that we can't see, for jobs intercepted, for freedoms we can't have (some that may not be ever fully restored), for timelines we can't know, for paychecks not given, for gatherings we can't have, for love we can't give--for lives overturned.  Lives are not the only thing being lost. A pinnacle was hearing today about a young special needs child who can no longer see her speech therapist who had been working with the child on swallowing therapy, because the therapist was not deemed an essential worker. Now the child can't eat and had to be moved back onto a feeding tube. Everyday new stories. Sure, progress. But, also, progress?! We regress. 

I digress, but I don't want to, from all of those things that we need to keep us human. 

I am reaching out to give you a hug. A real one.

And maybe some seeds or plant starts. 

And the joy of a new flower turning towards the sun. 

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