Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm Not Your Wookie. I'm Your Wife.

So the snow stopped just short of us. There was some major disappointment here. But for something completely different...

Dear E,
Recently while the kids were running around the house playing Star Wars and assigning roles and you said "
mom should be the wookie", I did have to politely and humorously remind you "I'm not your Wookiee, I'm your wife." (I'm also not your wench). 

Perhaps I overlooked shaving, but geesh! You must promise me you won't ever look at this site ever....(What?! You are doing that right now?! Okay. At least report back). So I'll indulge you and here are some ways you could have easily confused us. First of all, like Wookiees, I too value loyalty, morality, and monogamy. I hope we mate for life and look we had two three  offspring. I like being the co-pilot on this crazy ship.   I am also willing to endure moderately spicy food (check back soon for something on that front).

But perhaps the coolest resemblance is that we both really love trees. I too am a long haired aboreal animal. I fantasize about some of these actual grown up treehouses.

This one uses all repurposed woods and already has tin roofs that would be perfect for rain water harvesting. 
Modified from
This one modified from Blue Forest Barcraft media would appeal to the hobbit lovers in our house with it's buttressed windows.

We'll call this one the Thomas Kincaid Treehouse.
Modified from
Could our sustainable house look a little bit more like these? The quickest way to this woman's heart may just be through a tree (yikes, that sounds painful).

So I may just have to get over my fear of heights, become much more adept at technology, and learning to fly things. I may have to get over being such a light-weight- especially since Wookie's specialize in home brews. But I don't really anticipate getting over this pacifism thing anytime soon.

 And also... P.S: Secretly, I have six breasts, but don't tell anybody that.


Your tree hugging wookie wannabe

Grroooaaawwwr!  I would live in any of those tree houses.   Tree houses are amazing!  

Again, you really should read more of the Inheritance stories by Christopher Paolini.   The first book is basically Star Wars set in Middle Earth but then the world he creates grows in beauty and complexity with the subsequent novels.  The elves are especially fascinating, they make me think of you.  They kill nothing, but "sing their food" from the plants.  They also "sing trees" into the shapes for their houses so that you can barely tell village from forest.   It's like your ideal community right? 

So I'll get to work on that magic-house-out-of-a-tree thing… I should have it figured out by, say, our 30th anniversary 

I love my wookie.


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