Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome 2013!: An Apology for All Things Me

Hello, in case you are just joining us and wondering whether or not I really am the kind of person who's blog you really want to subscribe to or follow on
[I am. And you do.], OR you have known me for years and have been privy to my unintentional sharp tongue and perpetual foot in mouth disease, I thought I would share with you my first revelation of 2013. In which, I crossed some lines in that Neverland called Facebook so you can see that 1)I am human and 2)I always have good intentions despite what comes out. [I am not telling you the horrid things I brought up, because horrible things shouldn't be repeated and what happens on Facebook stays on Facebook. Right?]

Dear Evan,
It's the first week of 2013 and guess who is already sporting apologies like a bad tattoo? Yours. Moi. Me. I know, you are surprised.

First in reviewing our first few months in Bloggerville, I realized that this Tree Hugger and her Hugger have been the least conspicuous parts of this blog. Well that will be remedied because, (despite what our kids may think), we are actually pretty cool. I look forward to sharing more of our witty banter and personal blows about the quest and implementation of this eco-living thing where like our friends you can love cream cheese (or whatever is the current disagreement of the day), just don't kiss me with it on your breath...

So, for the record, here was our epic exchange:

  • Me: It's not so much that I like to argue with people "out there"for the sake of arguing or being right...
  • You (Aghast) (Jerk!) No?!
  • Me: I just like to enlarge perspectives [including mine] and think about who's being marginalized.
  • You: Is that perspective different from theirs?
  • Me: M-a-y-b-e.
  • You: That's arguing.
  • Me: Really? Oh, crap.



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