Thursday, November 1, 2012

Now She's One! Poem and Pumpkin Fun.

My dairy article is taking longer than I thought. I'll post that soon, but thought I needed to get in some pumpkin stuff!
Baby girl turned one just a few days ago. I get so mad when people tell me that the time passes so quickly, because I feel it everyday and, darn, I wish it would slow down! How has the best year of my life gone by so quickly? 
Our family decided that to celebrate her birthday we would be agritourists and go to a pumpkin patch. It is a new tradition that we plan to continue every year!

From her perspective I think it was an even more marvelous place. Giant multi-colored orbs bigger than herself. Smooth ones, bumpy ones, oblong ones, crooked necked…I know she is thinking Colossus thoughts:
Give me your pumpkins, your gourds, 
your dirt to throw out-of-doors 
bring bright curcurbits 
forth to see: 
multicolored orbs, of these, bring more.

And the brothers were pretty cute too...

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