Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scrumptious strawberry spread and participating in the 2012 Urban Farmbook Challenge

Ok, so you are perhaps a little interested in also creating a Farm City, or you wouldn't be here. A few weeks ago I stumbled across this really rockin' blog called Sustainable Eats and the Dancing Goat Garden communal project that outlines some brilliant baby steps towards sustainability. Currently as part of their endorsement of the Urban Farm Handbook, they are having a 2012 challenge of little tasks you can do each month to feel like you are saving the world. I signed up, intending to just carry over through 2013. The August tasks, that are being expanded into September are all themed around putting up food. It is something I may be becoming infatuated with. So here is one recipe I made that I wanted to share with you.

Scrumptious strawberry spread

  • 5 lbs of frozen strawberries $9.88
  • 20 oz of frozen cranberries $5.90
  • 3 cups of sugar $4.32
  • 1 package Pomona universal pectin $3.75
  • 1/2 lime $0.10
  • 1 tsp vanilla $0.10
Makes 8 half pint (or 8oz jars).
Total: $3.01/ jar 

I ordered these fruits in bulk from Azure standard, a company that is admirably working to be zero emissions. I put all the ingredients in the crockpot on highest setting for about 1.5 hours and then on lowest setting for another 8 hours. This really was about the minimum amount of sugar that I could use to get this to set. And I used Pomona universal pectin since it is supposed to be better for low pectin fruits and lower sugar recipes. Make sure it won't fall off a spoon, if it is runny add more sugar. Pour into these half pint jars with 1/4 inch at the top.

Process in a water bath for ten minutes.

If this sounds like too much work, perhaps we could set up a trade. The Urban Farm Handbook challenge for September is bartering. (Why that is so intimidating to me I do not know). Here are some things I have or would be willing to make for you: herbs, jellies and jams, homemade pasta, soup, iris bulbs, crepe myrtles, gardening design or advice.

Here are some things I want: rabbit, quail, cornish hen, turkey, or deer meat. Also pears or apples, or strawberry plants.

I feel like my items are in a scandalous personal ad: Sticky, saucy early springtime beauties are seeking sweets and wild meat. Errr....

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