Friday, September 7, 2012

Reader stories : Peach pie

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Our first reflection comes from my friend Mary, who was also my website designer.  Didn't she do a lovely job? Thank you for giving my words such a beautiful home! XO- Hannah

 By Mary Arteche

Image By Mary Arteche
When Jayne and I cook we almost always make something in a large batch. Then we can, freeze, store or bake for hours. One ambitious summer end we froze apple pie filling, sliced carrots, whole jalapenos, diced peaches and corn. We boiled and baked bagels. We made her Mother's recipe for the most buttery cookies.

We both have midsized families and large kitchen tables and we thrive at feeding others.

This particular Saturday we split a lug of Colorado peaches. These peaches are waited for, coveted. They only come into our local grocery once a year. And signs go up outside saying "While They Last!," "Limited Time" and  "Stop in Today!"

We turned up the music, gave the kids a big bucket of Legos and we peeled, sliced and diced for a few hours. We ended up with gallons of peaches for freezing. The last few cups graced a pie crust made with shortening and butter. The recipe taken from a well used church cook book. We peaches just needed a gentle dusting of sugar and a few pats of butter. In no time we were taking fork-fulls of warm and shattery crust-- tiny pieces of peach bite and burst in your mouth like fireworks of summer's deepest joy.

Image by Mary Arteche

There is nothing as lovely as a kitchen table, a just-baked peach pie and mug of steaming coffee. Another secret Jayne and I share-- those are also ingredients for a lovely breakfast as well.

How has processing food together brought you community? ~Hannah

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