Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Go to the Fair!

"Go to the will find that the conditions at a fair will surpass your wildest dreams." E.B. White Charlotte's Web

For most of the two days before my son's kindergarten class went to the fair he reminded me, "I am not going to school. I am not going to the fair. There will be a lot of animals there. They stink. Bad. I do not want to smell them."

Geesh. Just what every environmental educatin' nature lovin' mother wants to hear.

Well he went. And after getting to hold the flailing baby chickens that peered out inquisitively from his hands, he was, of course, totally smitten with their fluffiness.

How great to have a place where kids get to get acquainted with all these little animals. (Especially since so many schools are taking the excessively cautious position of no longer allowing school pets. (Here is a great resource for those wanting to advocate for school pets.).

It was nothing short of adorable to see the kids holding the baby downy ducks in the crook of their arms while the ducks paddled their feet aimlessly in the air (poor ducks!).

 There were bunnies in little baskets, Turkeys that already had their full plumes, goats teasing their brothers, freshly shorn sheep, miniature ponies and donkeys, cows getting a bath, an assortment of chickens that look like they would make excellent mops, and one tiny potbelly pig just a few days old who could scream louder than any of the kindergarteners I was with.

Just like with children, cuteness won out over smelliness. Days like this makes me so thankful for farmer's who so willingly share their animals so that kids can have these experiences.

Since the OKC state fair theme this year is Home Grown Fun, a great tribute to all the Oklahoma Agritourism our state has to offer, I hope you too will make it part of your staycation to consider going to this fair or whatever fair is nearby you!  

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